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Not Julian, This is the Most Banned Hero in Mythic Mobile Legends!

Not Julian, This is the Most Banned Hero in Mythic Mobile Legends!

We know that Julian is one of the most forbidden heroes at this time. The damage is very large with a short cooldown.

But apparently it wasn’t Julian who often got tires for Mythic rank. Even so, he is also one of the priorities for the current hero tire.

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What hero do you think is more feared than Julian to get the highest tire as Mythic?

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The Most Frequent Hero in Mythic Ban

Mythic Ban Hero
source: Mobile Legends Rank

The hero is Valentina, this hero is still classified as illegal because of the ability of the opponent’s Ultimate copy.

Many Ultimate heroes are very useful for him to copy, one of which is Akai, who is often picked up.

Although you can see there are two other heroes who follow Valentina with a percentage of 80%, namely Julian and Akai. Both of them are also scary heroes at the current Mythic rank.

But regardless of what Valentina does in terms of damage, even though in nerf it is very annoying, especially her Horrified (similar to Vexana’s skill) which makes it difficult for opponents to move.

Indeed, this hero has been nerfed many times but according to the players he is still very strong and must be banned.

What do you think about Valentina? Is it really the OP that it hasn’t been released yet?

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