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Not Julian, This is Hero Auto Win Before Reset Season 24 MLBB!

Not Julian, This is Hero Auto Win Before Reset Season 24 MLBB!

We know that as a new hero Julian is considered very OP and can almost be said to be a hero who can be carried around until the team wins.

However, based on data from the latest Mobile Legends Rank ahead of the reset season 24, it is not Julian who is the current auto win hero in Mobile legends, but this hero.

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Who is that hero? And why can high win statistics when using this one hero?

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Hero Auto Win Before Reset Season 24

Hero Auto Win S24
source: Mobile Legends Rank

It turns out that based on data as of June 29, 2022, for the Mythic rank there is Masha’s hero with the highest win rate and can be said to be the hero who wins the most with a winrate percentage. 63.98%far superior to Julian who only obtained 60.71%.

Indeed, this hero is no longer the main choice after a pretty good nerf, but of course it’s still quite attractive with 0.8% pick rate.

Even so, this Fighter hero is still sometimes seen being played in tournaments, either as a nuisance roamer or an explaner to target the opponent’s backline.

We know that midlaner and goldlaner are currently the main damage dealers, seeing a lot of junglers playing with Tank heroes to withstand damage and only get objectives.

Therefore, heroes like Masha who can run quickly and enter with her 3 skills are perfect for targeting midlaner or goldlaner heroes who usually have minimal blood.

It’s really okay to use it for rankings other than aiming for a backliner, of course with his ability this hero is able to push the turret very well.

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