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Not Jujutsu Kaisen, This is the Latest Leaked Skin Collaboration in Mobile Legends!

Not Jujutsu Kaisen, This is the Latest Leaked Skin Collaboration in Mobile Legends!

For anime lovers, it seems that they still have to wait again regarding the collaboration of Mobile Legends with an anime.

The closest rumored is Jujutsu Kaisen because seeing the skills of the four new heroes looks very similar to the Jujustu Kaisen character skills.

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However, it turns out that according to a trusted leaker Mobile Legends, the closest confirmed collaboration is reportedly with this one character.

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Mobile Legends Latest Collaboration Leaks

The character who gets the latest collaboration is Kung Fu Panda. This makes a lot of sense especially Mobile Legends has Akai who is a panda.

And indeed Akai is of course one of the heroes who gets this collaboration skin.

Akai Becomes Po

Akai is rumored to be the character Po who is a Panda. Of course, this is very valid and does not seem to fail to become a collaboration. For a sneak peek, see below.

The newest MLBB collaboration
source: YT King AOG

Ling So Shen

Furthermore, there is the character Ling who turns out to be Shen, a Peacock bird who is the antagonist of Kungfu Panda 2. However, it seems that Shen’s original form will not be seen in this collaboration because you can see a little leak of Ling’s appearance in this collaboration.

source: YT King AOG

Thamuz Becomes Kai

The third hero who gets the latest Mobile Legends collaboration skin is Thamuz. Up-and-coming heroes in the new patch. Thamuz will be Kai who is a Bull who is also an antagonist in Kung Fu Panda 3.

It’s interesting to wait for Thamuz to change into a Bull, you can see a little below.

source: YT King AOG

What do you think about this latest Mobile Legends collaboration, does anyone think? Although it has been written confirmed, of course we have to wait for official news from Mobile Legends.

Moreover, currently the second collaboration from MLBB x Transformers is still running. Just wait for the continuation of the news of this MLBB collaboration with Kungfu Panda.

Junebe some are disappointed because the collaboration that was predicted with Jujustu Kaisen has not been seen.

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