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Not For Kadita, This is Leaked Skin Season 24 of Mobile Legends!

Not For Kadita, This is Leaked Skin Season 24 of Mobile Legends!

Entering the month of June, of course, the reset season 24 of Mobile Legends will be very close.

Moonton himself seems to have started preparing various prizes that can be obtained when players reach the tier they are aiming for.

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One of them is the season skin that can be obtained by players with a minimum rank of Master.

After being touted that Kadita will get a season skin, interestingly it turns out that this hero will actually get the exclusive skin.

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Grock Get Season Skin

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

After being predicted to become an elite skin, interestingly Grock will get an exclusive skin for Season 24 of Mobile Legends.

Being named Ancient Totem certainly makes Grock have an ancient feel and is perfectly described through the design he will use.

In addition, the skin will certainly make Grock even more scary in Land of Dawn so that he can make opponents mentally hit from the start of the game.

When Will It Be Shared?


The skin will of course be distributed right when the reset season 24 of Mobile Legends has been carried out.

In addition to the Grock ‘Ancient Totem’ skin, of course you will also get various other prizes such as Battle Points, Tickets and Battle Emote Mythic when you reach Mythic rank.

Therefore, it is certainly interesting to wait for the reset season 24 which will be carried out in the very near future by Mobile Legends.

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