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Not Cyclops, This is the Hero Who Gets the July MLBB Collector Skin!

Not Cyclops, This is the Hero Who Gets the July MLBB Collector Skin!

This Mage hero user will be happy because even though previously there were leaks that Cyclops was the next skin Collector (July 2022).

However, it turns out that based on the latest leaks, it is this Mage hero who gets the next Collector skin.

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The Hero Mage who recently had a skin leak labeled Collector. Can you guess who?

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Skin Collector Leaked July 2022

Yup, those of you who guessed Luo Yi were very right. Because according to the latest leak from a trusted Mobile Legends leaker, it was Luo Yi who became the July skin collector.

Skin Collector Juli Luo Yi
source: YT King Aog

For the display of the finished wallpaper or the model, there is no currently available. But because this is a trusted leaker you can rest assured that it will most likely happen.

It’s a shame indeed for Cyclops users who recently received news that the hero will get a Collector skin for July 2022.

Looking at the leaked portrait of Luo Yi’s skin, it is certain that it will not be too different from the China/China theme and could be similar to the Ling Collector and Zilong Collector skin themes.

When Will it Release?

Luo Yi's new skin

For the release date, like the previous Collector skin, it’s probably early next month.

Other leaked reward skins will also be updated as soon as they get the latest leaks.

Of course, because it will appear in July, leaked gameplay leaks will usually be present in late or mid-June.

You can be sure of the presence of this latest Luo Yi Mobile Legends skin when the gameplay leak has been leaked.

Get ready to save for User Luo Yi, because seeing the leaked portraits, according to SPIN Esports, will be really cool.

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