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Not a cheater but your PUBG Mobile account got banned? This is the reason!

This is the reason PUBG Mobile’s innocent player account got banned mass!

Of course, all of you PUBG Mobile lovers have heard that it is being banned everywhere.

This is due to the circulation of injection cheats which will be eradicated by Tencent in the future.

After 3 days Tencent announced that it would be mass banned, PUBG Mobile managed to ban a lot of accounts out there.

Lots of cheaters have been caught using other applications, or entering codes into the PUBG Mobile system that were removed from the game.

Now, because of Tencent’s increased security, some PUBG Mobile players who didn’t do anything wrong were also banned.

This is the reason why your innocent players’ accounts got banned!

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Causes of Mass Banned PUBG Mobile Accounts

Banned occurs because players have recently complained about the many cheaters that have sprung up.

Using the injection cheat makes PUBG Mobile unable to detect whether the player has changed something in the game.

how to fix pubg ban

After security was increased, many normal player accounts that didn’t use cheats were also banned.

Know some of the violations that you must know that the system will detect:

  1. Using any plugins or add-ons that can help you in the game.
  2. Changes in data files that are changed or changed will be known by PUBG Mobile if they are illegal.
  3. Using a third application to enter PUBG Mobile
  4. Get a team that uses cheats or hacks

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Why is the Innocent Account Banned?

Number 4 above is usually an obstacle experienced by several Indonesian players who were suddenly banned.

You have to know if your friends are using cheats or not, and if so, then hurry up and get out of the room. Forget minus points, and save your account!

Because PUBG Mobile will ban players who are 1 team with cheaters, with the excuse of getting an unfair victory.

Using third apps like GFX Tool, and so on can also make your account banned.

So as a suggestion, if your device is not ready to play this game, you should just accept the fact.

If you insist on using another application to enter, yes it can be played, but there is a possibility of getting banned.

Moreover, recently Tencent is improving its security system that makes our accounts easy to detect.

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