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Not Cecilion or Xavier, This Hero Mage Must Pick in Mobile Legends Rank

It’s not Cecilion or Xavier that you must pick when ranking in Mobile Legends, but this one mage op hero, who is he?

The majority of Mobile Legends players definitely choose Cecilion or Xavier when playing Mobile Legends rank because of their ability to guarantee victory.

But according to SPIN Esports, it’s not the two heroes that must be picked when playing rank. But this one hero mage op Mobile Legends is more worthy of being picked.

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The reason is because his ability is more guaranteed from early to late game, who is the hero mage?


Photo via Mobile Legends

That hero is Valentina, this very flexible hero is more worthy of being a priority pick than Cecilion or Xavier. It’s true that Valentina can’t do instant kills like the two heroes.

But when it comes to mobility, consistent damage from early to late and flexible can be played anywhere Valentina is far ahead of the two heroes and even other mage heroes.

Not to mention Valentina has the ultimate that can copy the opponent’s, so it’s perfect for fighting popular heroes like Akai, Yu Zhong, Julian and so on.

Valentina Mobile Legends
source: ig @grangerml

Then Valentina’s defense is also much better than other mage heroes, Valentina’s shield is very thick and can be spammed continuously so it’s very difficult to beat this hero.

That’s the hero mage must pick in Mobile Legends rank compared to Cecilion, Xavier or even other mages.

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