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Not BTR, Boom Voker Considers This Team the Strongest in PMPL ID Season 2

Not BTR RA, Boom Voker considers this team the strongest or the most difficult to fight in the PMPL ID Season 2 event so far.

PMPL ID Season 2 is currently underway which has entered week 2 and will soon hold week 3 on August 28, 2022.

There are so many new things in the PMPL ID Season 2 event where Bigetron RA no longer fully controls the tournament as in the previous PMPL.

Many other PUBG Mobile teams are on fire in PMPL this season and they all have a great chance to qualify for SEA later.

These teams such as ION eSports, Geek Fam, Morph Team, Boom eSports and so on have the same opportunity to qualify for the grand final and SEA rounds later.

And this time we will discuss a little about Boom eSports, especially from the vital player, Voker.

The player whose real name is Yose Purfen Herja has joined the Boom eSports team for a long time, he has achieved many achievements for the team with the wolf logo.

At PMPL ID Season 2 week 2 yesterday he also successfully brought Boom eSports to finish in first place in the week 2 standings and was entitled to a cash prize.

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boom voker pml season 2

He also mentions exclusive to the party SPIN Esports that the key to his success in week 2 yesterday was the support of his beloved family.

In addition, he also mentioned the name of the main competitor in PMPL ID Season 2. The name mentioned is not BTR but Geek Fam.

When we asked who was the most difficult team to play against in PMPL ID Season 2 so far?

Voker replied, “Geek Fam, in my opinion, plus Tomz’s entry, top 1 tdm 1 vs 1 Seindo the more fierce they fight at close and middle range.” Say boom Voker

Geek Fam itself is currently in the top 3 of the PMPL ID Season 2 global leaderboard standings competing with BTR and ION at the top.

Meanwhile, Voker and Boom eSports are in fourth place and they still have a great chance to reach the top 3 of the PMPL ID Season 2 standings because the league is still very long.

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