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Not Aldous, Here's a Free Transformers Skin You Can Get!

Not Aldous, Here’s a Free Transformers Skin You Can Get!

It’s a shame for Aldous users because the latest leak regarding free rewards on the 10x MLBB x Transformers phase 2 draw event has been updated.

And reportedly it’s not the Aldous Transformers skin that will be given in the first 10x draw, but this skin.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

We know that there will be three new skins from the MLBB collaboration with Transformers. These skins belong to Aldous, Roger and Popol & Kupa.

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Transformers Event Free Skin

He is Roger who became a free skin through the latest news from leakers. This is evidenced by the writing that you can see below.

Free Transformers Skins
source: YT Wise King Update

You can see for yourself from the rules for the MLBB x Transformers 2022 event where you are guaranteed to get 1 skin Roger “Grimlock” for the first 10 draws.

This is of course good news for Roger users but bad news for Aldous users who fail to get Aldous cool skins cheaply.

However, through this event, every time you bingo, you will certainly get 1 Transformers skin that you don’t have.

For those who are after three old Transformers skins and haven’t had a chance, this is a chance even though it’s random, unlike the previous event.

Roger himself has lost a bit of prestige in the current meta, which uses a lot of jungler tanks. As a fighter he is quite difficult to deal with jungler tanks, not like the previous meta which uses a lot of assassins.

That might also be the reason for giving away the Transformers Roger skin players so that he will return to being a meta in the next update.

This Transformers event will be present on June 24, 2022, the Spinners event is close.

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