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Not Akai, This is the Most Underrated Hero Tank in Mobile Legends!

Not Akai, This is the Most Underrated Hero Tank in Mobile Legends!

The current hero tank is starting to become a bone of contention along with the development of the META tank jungler in Mobile Legends.

This of course makes several tank heroes a priority pick, such as Baxia, Grock, Akai and even Bellerick.

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Meanwhile, other tank heroes who are not pick priority will be released and not even picked by both teams.

Interestingly, it turns out that there is one underrated hero who turns out to be quite OP in Mobile Legends who can help you win.

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Lolita Becomes an Underrated Hero

Lolita ML

The underrated hero tank is Lolita, which is currently very rarely used when playing in Mobile Legends.

Based on statistical data released by Mobile Legends, Lolita itself only has a popularity of 0.16% which means the hero is rarely used.

However, in terms of the percentage of victories, the hero is the highest hero in winning with 56.43% of all ranks.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that Lolita is the most effective tank hero in countering the Marksman who are indeed the damage dealer major on the current META.

With his 2nd skill, he can withstand all attacks directly that lead to himself and his colleagues very easily.

In addition, he also has a skill that is able to give CC effects with a large area with his ultimate which is able to turn things around.

So, that’s the most underrated tank hero in Mobile Legends right now. Interested in trying Spinners?

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