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Noob! Here's a Mobile Legends Hero That Really Depends on the Team

In playing Mobile Legends, of course, teamwork is the key to a successful victory. Not only that, the selection of heroes is also quite influential in the battle. It is clear that the selection of Hero is quite important. Usually the selection of the Hero follows the current Meta. But please note, it turns out that in Mobile Legends there are several heroes who are very dependent on their own team. Here’s the list.

Karina is an Assassin with expertise as the best executor in Mobile Legends. This hero will act if there is an opponent with a low HP percentage. The problem is this Hero is very dependent on his own team. The reason why this hero is so dependent on his team is because Karina is difficult to fight against opponents with full HP. Let alone attack to protect Turrent himself, this Hero is already very difficult.


In terms of gank and scooping are Saber’s best skills. But to make this a success, support is needed by the team. Otherwise, this Hero will find it difficult to kill the opposing Hero alone. That’s why this Hero is so dependent on his own team.


One of the Hero Assassins with the fastest Clear Lane skills and an expert in 1 Vs 1 battles, Hayabusa has always been a mainstay for his team. But even so, this Hero will be very weak in a team fight. Because almost all of his skills only have a big effect if the opponent is alone. So even though this Hero user is a pro, it will be useless if it is not balanced with teamwork.


Estes is the Hero with the best Healing skills for his team. Not only that, this Hero also has a CC Skill that can slow down opponents around him. But of course as a Hero Support really depends on his team. Because the use of this Hero is Healing, which means wherever Estes goes, he must be with his friends.


Digger is a type of Support Hero that can make teammates immune to CC. Then this is what makes this Hero so dependent on his own team. Not only that, even this hero doesn’t have any real damage. Let alone kill, just to make the opponent’s HP dying is quite impossible.