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Nintendo DS / DS Lite Handheld at a Cheap Price

The Nintendo DS or DS lite can be said to be a fairly old handheld console, however, many of the games are fun to follow. As we know Nintendo is famous for exclusive games with titles from the Famicom or NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) era. In addition, we know that Nintendo is famous for its handheld consoles, namely Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and many more.

Nintendo DS

Before the smartphone gaming industry developed into what it is today, handheld consoles were gamers’ saviors when they were outside. If we turn back time, handheld game consoles initially came with black and white graphics with rigid movements like Game & Watch which we often call gimbots (only millennials and generation x know). Then, a new technology emerged, the Game Boy, which tried to convert NES games into the palm of your hand.

Game Boy finally developed by providing a color with the name Game Boy Color. Game Boy Color has so many fans and became one of the best-selling handheld consoles. Game Boy finally evolved into Game Boy Advance and Advance SP with 32-bit technology with better graphics and even better than the SNES.

Nintendo DS

Finally appeared a revolutionary handheld console from Nintendo with the name Nintendo DS. In addition to technology that is far more sophisticated than its predecessor, the DS and DS Lite come with a variety of interesting features, one of which is a dual screen. This Dual Screen allows players to use the pen for interactive games. This console is also very suitable for children aged 10 years and over because it can train motor sensors.

On this occasion, Buddygame will discuss about one of the most revolutionary handheld consoles in its era, the Nintendo DS.

Is It a Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS or DS is basically a dual screen handheld game console, each screen has a different function. Development of the Nintendo DS first started in 2002 based on former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi’s original idea for a dual-screen console. Then Nintendo announced a console with the codename Nintendo DS on June 20, 2004.

Nintendo DS

The design of the NDS follows the multiscreen games found on Game & Watch such as Donkey Kong and Zelda which were also made by Nintendo. As we mentioned earlier that the two NDS screens have different functions, the first function is for the touchscreen which is equipped with a pen called a stylus. The stylus functions to interact with the elements in the game.

The NDS itself has 12 buttons, including four letter keys (X, Y, A, B), direction keys, Start, Select, and also two shoulder buttons. In addition, NDS is also equipped with a card slot that allows you to store data via SD Card. Junebe because of that, piracy of NDS games is very easy.

NDS also released many versions with each design having slight differences, including:

  1. Nintendo DS Lite: DS Lite is the first redesign of the NDS which is not much different from the original NDS model. Its distinguishing features are a slimmer display, a larger stylus, a longer battery life, and a brighter screen. Nintendo DS
  2. Nintendo DSi: NDSi is the second redesign whose model design is based on the NDSi XL that hasn’t been released yet. NDSi has new features, including a 0.3 MO digital camera, wider display, internal and external storage, and connectivity with the Nintendo DSi Shop.Nintendo DS
  3. Nintendo DSi XL: This is the last design of the NDS or NDSi. In terms of shape, the NDSi XL has a larger size. Because the size is large, of course the screen is also bigger. In addition, the angle on the NDSi XL is also wider. Battery life has also been improved. Nintendo DS


After its success, Nintendo finally released Nintendo 3DS which conceptually continues NDS with dual-screen but with stereoscopic 3D. However, to find a new NDS seems already difficult in the market. Junebe if you want to try the games, you can search the marketplace. The price has not reached Rp. 1 million.