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Nintendo 3DS (3DS XL) Advanced Handheld Console, the Price?

Nintendo 3DS is arguably Nintendo’s flagship product because its sales are quite successful in the market. Junebe the sale can cover the losses they incur as a result of the sale Nintendo Wii U. Basically, the 3DS concept is not much different from its predecessor, the DS.

Nintendo 3DS

The specifications that are carried are improved, so that the graphics that appear are also much better than Nintendo DS. The majority of 3DS games have 3D graphics. One of our favorites is the Zelda series and also Monster Hunter 4. After selling pretty good 3DS, in 2012 Nintendo finally released a bigger 3DS called 3DS XL (the Japanese version is called 3DS LL).

Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS has custom components developed by Nintendo Research & Engineering, all of which are combined into a single integrated on-chip system. This handheld console CPU is a dual-core ARM 11 MPCore CPU with 45 manufactures and clocked at 266 MHz. The main core of the processor or CPU that is owned is dedicated to games and applications, and the other is to the operating system and multitasking.

In addition to releasing the 3DS XL version, Nintendo has also released an entry-level version that is more affordable, namely the 2DS. The design of the 2DS is quite different from the 3DS and 3DS XL. You won’t find a folding design like its two brothers. However, functionally, compatibility, hardware is not much different from the 3DS and 3DS XL. Because of its slightly odd shape, the 2DS received a lot of criticism.

Nintendo 3DS

A few years ago in the same year as the launch Nintendo Switch, Nintendo finally released the 2DS XL. This handheld console comes with some of the improvements and trimmings of features found in its older sibling. The 2DS XL features additional features as well as trimming off existing features such as the stereoscopic 3D function. The design on the 2DS XL is also new when compared to its predecessor.

However, Nintendo has just released the Nintendo Switch, which has more features. Is buying a 3DS still relevant today? Why not. Especially since following the Switch’s price drop, it’s certain that the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL will also drop. But, if you are still in doubt, Buddygame will give you reasons why the 3DS is still fun to play.

Reasons Why Buy Nintendo 3DS Haven’t Missed Out

1. Cheap Prices Because It Has Dropped Drastically

The first reason why buying a Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL is still not out of the way is the price has dropped. This may be due to following the price of the Switch which has gone down. The price for the Nintendo Switch has just now reached 6 million (for those that are bundled with the game), what about the 3DS XL. For those of you who want to know how much it costs, we will provide a price list in the column below later.

Nintendo 3DS

2. Nintendo Exclusive Games That Are Always Interesting To Follow

Nintendo is very synonymous with games like Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, Pokemon, and many others. While these titles are always present on every Nintendo console, they can always provide something new.

One of our favorites is New Super Mario Bros 2 as well as Pokemon Sun and Moon. These two titles still come with gameplay mechanics that haven’t changed much, but somehow these games are always worth the wait. Besides that, other games like Legend of Zelda are also very fun to follow.

3. Nice 3D Graphics

Junebe when compared to the graphics owned by smartphone games today, but in its time, the Nintendo 3DS was able to produce the best graphics and is still pleasing to the eye to this day. As a handheld console released in 2011 and for the 3DS XL in 2012, the graphics displayed by games on the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL are good.

4. Reliable When Traveling

For those of you who like to travel and feel that playing games on a smartphone can eat up battery power faster, you can bring a Nintendo 3DS as a backup.

Moreover, you like to play games with a fairly long storyline like Pokemon or Zelda. When compared to the Nintendo Switch which can only run for 5 hours, the 3DS can be used for up to 8 hours even in a state of playing games.

5. Cool and Minimalist Design

One of the advantages of Nintendo products is their attractive design. Nintendo always presents a revolutionary design that is different from its competitors. One of the identical from Nintendo products is a minimalist design with attractive colors.

Likewise with the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is conceptually similar in design to its predecessor, but now comes with a thinner body and more futuristic curves.

Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL price

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Conclusion: It’s Still Right to Buy a Nintendo 3DS

Even though it’s now the Nintendo Switch era and the lite version will soon be released, the Nintendo 3DS is still a good fit to buy, especially since the price is already cheap. Some shops still sell the new stuff. But if you want to buy second hand, look for a good one.