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NieR: Automata - Humanity's Fate in Android's Hands

Square Enix is ​​one of the developers who has been known until now as a developer who released many well-known JRPG titles. Even before the two merged, each had spawned many JPRGs. Major titles such as the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, Xenogear, and many more are Square Enix’s greatest masterpieces. There is one more series that is no less interesting, namely NieR – Automata. This series is a sequel to a game called NieR.

NieR Automata

Here you will play a protagonist YoRHa 2B who is a female android. The YoRHa 2B figure in this game has been exploited to the full by Square Enix and is arguably a form of fan service. Basically this one game carries the RPG action genre with a very large portion of action. Is it true that this game only sells beautiful female figures, without paying attention to other aspects such as story plots and gameplay? If you are curious, you can follow this article to the end.

Storyline NieR – Automata

For those who don’t know, the title of this game is a sequel to a game called NieR which was previously released on Xbox 360. However, according to the story line, between NieR – Automata and the previous NieR, there is still the same common thread. Even with the Drakengard games, these games still overlap. However, even if you haven’t played the prequel and Drakengard, you can still follow and enjoy the storyline provided by NieR – Automata. Junebe those of you who have played the previous series can find out more about the story.

NieR Automata

The story presented by NieR – Automata is in a post-apocalyptic era where the earth is attacked by extraterrestrial beings. These extraterrestrials want to eliminate humans so that this race no longer exists. This intention was discovered by humans, and made them go to the moon to settle down and prepare a plan to protect them by creating an Android army called YoRHa which was created on the moon and sent to earth.

There are several types of YoRHa that will protect humans from the threat of extinction, and one of them is 2B which is an android who is assigned to the vanguard to help a group of defenders led by Anemone. YoRHa 2B was accompanied by another android named 9S to accompany 2B to carry out his mission.

NieR Graphics and Gameplay – Automata

One aspect that makes us a little dissatisfied is the graphics presented by this game made by Square Enix. While many games released for the PS4 and Xbox One generation consoles are made with slick and realistic graphics, this game is just the opposite. On the PS4 console alone, we couldn’t feel the smooth graphics quality. 60 fps full is very difficult to achieve. In addition, when comparing the post-apocalyptic worlds presented by several games such as The Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn, this game is not as beautiful as the two games. His world seems simpler and not filled with trees or plants that are rich and diverse around him.

Although the map presented by this game is quite extensive, it does not make this game an open-world game. Apart from being quiet, the world that exists in NieR – Automata is not very full. There are not many activities outside of fighting against the enemy. However, in this game you can do activities such as fishing that allows you to get interesting items.

Behind the presentation that is not so grand and luxurious, of course NieR – Automata offers gameplay that is quite exciting to play. This game emphasizes the action side more, and the RPG elements are in character upgrades. The action shown also reminds us of games like the Devil June Cry series or Bayonetta with hack and slash style and very agile movements. In addition, the bosses that you face are very varied. They not only have a unique design, but also have different characteristics.


NieR – Automata is not for gamers who are concerned with graphics, because the presentation presented is not as grand as some other games. But this game offers interesting things in terms of storyline and gameplay with a very fast phase.