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Newest FF Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Settings 2022

The following is the sensitivity of the latest 2022 FF Frontal Gaming that many players are looking for today. Why so much sought after? Because, the height of Frontal Gaming is claimed to be able to make enemy auto headshots in an instant.

Frontal Gaming is a Free Fire pro player who plays for the E-Sports team called National Aura. Apart from being a pro player, he is also a YouTuber whose name is already widely known by Free Fire players. He is very good at playing so that in every game he always kills the enemy with a headhsot.

Well, that’s why there are many fans or other Free Fire players who want to imitate Sensitivias FF Frontal Gaming. They really hope that the game can match the idol. So that later you can become a Free Fire pro player and join the E-Sports team.

But, don’t worry about that, because in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss the latest 2022 Frontal Gaming Settings which will make you a Pro Player in an instant. Can’t wait for the discussion? Come on, let’s look at the following review.

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Newest FF Frontal Gaming Sensitivity 2022

Ff Frontal Gaming Sensitivity
FF Frontal Gaming Sensitivity | GGWP

You need to know, the settings that we will provide are sourced from the latest YouTube Frontal Gaming. In addition, this setting is suitable for all types of Android phones. So for those of you who have potato HP specifications, don’t worry, because this setting can also be used for potato HP.

Latest FF Frontal Gaming Settings

  • Look Around — 100
  • Red Dot Sight — 91
  • 2x Scope — 79
  • 4x Scope —57
  • AWM Scope — 8

Frontal Gaming Custom HUD Settings

  • Shooting precision — Default
  • Shoot Button on Left — Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch — Off
  • Quick Reload — Off
  • AWM Sniping — Tap To Scope
  • Vehicle Control — Two Hands
  • In-game tips — Default
  • Auto launch — Off
  • Damage Indicator — Classic
  • Auto Change Weapon — Off
  • Visual Effects — Classic.

Frontal Gaming Button Size Settings

  • Transparency — 56%
  • Size — 84%

What do you think about the sensitivity of FF Frontal Gaming?

So that was the discussion about the sensitivity of FF Frontal Gaming that you can use and practice at home. You can copy all the settings above, or change a little according to your needs. What do you think about this discussion? Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions.

Make sure you always visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other Free Fire Tips from us. Because in the future we will review more tips and tricks for playing Free Fire.