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New Talent in Mobile Legends Will Be Better Than Old Talent? This is the reason!

New Talent in Mobile Legends Will Be Better Than Old Talent? This is the reason!

Leaked talent or new emblems have been seen. There will be significant changes from the new talent later because it is no longer like the previous emblem system.

You will get this update possibly in the upcoming new Mobile Legends patch.

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One of the content creators of MLBB, namely VY Gaming, revealed the advantages of new talent compared to old talent. According to him, new talent has more advantages.

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Many Combinations

Talent Combination
source: YT VY Gaming

For those who don’t know, the new talent will be divided into three, namely: Ordinary Attribute Talent, Ordinary Skill Talent and Ultimate Talent.

For Ordinary Attribute Talent, there will be 11 choices of emblems that you can use for all heroes.

The Ordinary Skill Talent has 15 choices of emblems that can be used, while the Main Talent provides 14 choices of emblems/skills that can be used.

Of course, with so many choices, there will be many combinations that you can make.

Will Increase According to Player Level

source: YT VY Gaming

The old player advantage here comes into play. The information is that if you reach level 28 you will be able to get the maximum level for talent (level 20) so old players will certainly benefit greatly from the presence of this new talent later.

Indeed, new players will feel lacking because their talent level will not be maximized unless the level rises to level 28.

All Talents Will Go Up No Need To Up One By One

source: YT VY Gaming

Related to the previous point, talent is no longer increased one by one like the previous emblem system. But it will all go up when the level rises.

So, you certainly don’t need to think about how to increase or unlock these talents one by one like the previous system.

Well, that’s the advantage of the new talent in Mobile Legends. There are advantages of course there are disadvantages. Later it will be discussed in the next discussion, Spinners.

In your opinion, from the description, the old talent or the new talent will be better?

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