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New Leaks of Need for Speed ​​2022 surface, show map to UI display

The latest game from the Need for Speed ​​series has been confirmed to be present this year, but unfortunately EA and the developer Criterion still haven’t provided any information about the game.

Fortunately, insiders and leakers for Need for Speed ​​can be quite aggressive in digging up various information that can be obtained from this new game.

As discovered by a Reddit user named Maz_Lazy_10 who managed to leak the UI to the map from this year’s Need for Speed.

from the 3 images and 1 leaked video, it seems that Need for Speed ​​2022 does have the same concept and continuity from the leaks that existed in 2022.

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The first is a screenshot of a snippet of the game’s appearance which gives an idea of ​​how the game will be. Seen a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX on the edge of the water.

Need for speed 2022 leak

Some of the details that can be seen from the screenshot, of course, are the view of a big city filled with tall buildings which are said to be inspired by Chicago called Lake Shore City.

Then another interesting detail is that the car looks to have a more detailed level of damage than the previous Need for Speed ​​series.