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New Horizons, a Unique Game!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular Nintendo game in early 2022. Launched in June 2022, in less than 3 months, this game has been downloaded by many people around the world. This game is a simulation game that offers an adventure in which players are asked to develop an island in which they live. The advantage of this simulation game is that it has a visual appearance that spoils the eyes with cute and adorable character designs.

Many people compare this Animal Crossing game to Harvestmoon. Eits, but the two are different, you know. In this game you can do many things from building a house, fishing, digging, catching insects, and interacting with your neighbors.

new nintendo switch game SOBATGAME

The second uniqueness of this latest Animal Crossing game is that the time you play in the game will follow the real world. So when you play the game at 6 pm then the time in the game will show the same number. This of course will affect all activities that occur in the game. For example, when a player wants to enjoy the evening sky on the beach, the player must play the game in the afternoon as well. Or, when the player builds a house. If the house being built is scheduled to be completed within two days, then the house will really only be able to be enjoyed in the next two days.

How about you, can’t wait to play? Here, Buddygame, give a full review first!

Animal Crossing Can Play Online with 7 Players

What’s great about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that you can play online and connect with the other seven players. Even in Japan, a company has an online meeting with this game. With this feature, of course, your experience makes playing with your friends even more fun.

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Adorable Visuals and Characters

What stands out the most and makes people feel at home with this game is its cute visuals. Plus, the winning musical score is also combined with the lovable character. Whether you play docked or portable, the visuals of Animal Crossing: New Horizons look pleasing to the eye with the color palette and cute designs of each character. The game has 4 seasons that offer their respective visuals and all of them look beautiful with the weather effects plus the day/night cycle which adds to the aesthetics of the game.

new nintendo switch game SOBATGAME

Looks like this game is not playing about music. The reason is, Animal Crossing: New Horizons every hour has its own music. Where everything really fits to color the atmosphere of being on the island. Music in the morning is actually more upbeat with a louder guitar beat, while the music at night is slower and more relaxing to make you want to sleep. In fact, according to Gamebrott, in the next 2 or 3 years the music will become a nostalgic memory for the players and will be included in the compilation of “relaxing Animal Crossing musics for study” on Youtube.

Can Visit Each Other’s Island Friends

It was mentioned earlier that you can play online with friends. There is an interesting feature, it turns out that you can visit each other’s islands, you know. If you want to travel between islands, you will meet Dodo, an airport ‘officer’ who is available 24 hours to take your trip to another island.

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There is a flight menu via online play that allows you to visit or receive visitors from other islands. You can also use this as an opportunity to hunt for more Nook Miles. Dodo doesn’t just offer flight facilities, you know. You can also buy postcards to send. If you receive a letter that comes to the post box, you can immediately reply to the message. It’s really fun to be able to send greetings through games like this.

Many Characters with Various Roles in Animal Crossing

There are many characters living on the island with you besides Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook. These characters will accompany, guide, and help you in life in the world of Animal Crossing. Because this game teaches about social life, you will often socialize with other characters. Where you as a player are advised to spread kindness by helping other characters. They will reward you if you do good to them.

nintendo animal crossing game SOBATGAME

However, you are given the freedom to be an annoying character by pranking other characters. But please bear the consequences yourself. If you really want, you can be a good person first and then turn into a nosy. Oh, yes, as long as you are ‘stranded’ on this island, you have to make your own farming equipment. You have to learn how to do it from DIY Recipe. Some can be purchased at Resident Services, but if you are friendly with your friends, they can share them for free. As long as you’re friendly with everyone, it’s not hard to get rich quick in Animal Crossing.

Those were some reviews from Buddygame about Nintendo Switch game Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can play this game with your other friends to make it more fun.