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New Hero Mobile Legends Thamuz the Lord Lava

This time Mobile Legends has released another new Hero, namely Thamuz. This hero is a Fighter type with its uniqueness, namely on his body like hot lava. This hero is quite similar to the Hero Minotaur Skin Bursting Yama, Thamuz has been released on the Advance Server.

Thamuz uses a sickle to split the battle, Thamuz will burn his opponents with hot lava. That’s why he was nicknamed Thamuz the Lord of Lava.

Skills Thamuz

Grand Lord Lava – Passive Skill
The damage given by Thamuz will cause a Scroch effect which will continuously deal damage. Thamuz can move faster when not holding a scythe. When the scythe returns to Thamuz, the Basic Attack will be amplified and cause a burst of Lava where the target is standing. The lava will explode a few seconds later and deal damage to enemies.

Slaughteorus Scythes1st Skill
Thamuz threw the scythe in the designated direction. After reaching maximum distance or touching an enemy hero, the scythe will slow down and deal damage. After a while the sickle will return to Thamuz while pulling the opponent towards Thamuz.

Chasm Leap – 2nd Skill
Thamuz jumped in the designated direction. Deals damage and slows all nearby enemies. If the scythe that was thrown has not returned, the sickle will return while Thamuz makes a jump.

Cauterant Inferno – Ultimate
Thamuz sprays lava on his body continuously while dealing damage. This effect will last for a few seconds and will deal continuous damage. Thamuz will gain HP recovery when attacking an opponent with his Basic Attack and scythe while the effect of this Skill is still active.

Update: Hero Thamuz will be released on the Ori Server on September 18, 2022.