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New Hero Mobile Legends Lunox Twilight Goddess

Soon Mobile Legends will release the newest Hero on the Original Server, namely Lunox. A mage who has DPS and AOE skills who have 2 different forms even Lunox has 4 Active Skills the same as Zhask. Lunox will be officially released on the Original Server on September 4, 2022.

Skills Lunox

Dreamland Twist – Passive
Lunox doesn’t get the usual Cooldown Reduction effect. If he is in Darkening state, the CD Reduction effect will be changed to Magic Penetration. Meanwhile, if he is in a state of Brilliance, the CD Reduction effect will be changed to Magic Resistance.

Starlight Pulse – 1st Skill (damage)
Lunox showers surrounding enemies with balls of light, dealing magic damage. These orbs will return to Lunox and recover 60(+20% Magic Power) HP. The recovery effect is doubled when it hits an enemy hero.
Passive effect: Gain 1 stack of Twilight to Brilliance with every use.

Chaos Greetings – 2nd Skill (Buff, CC)
Lunox fires energy projectiles at a specified enemy in a fan-shaped radius, dealing magic damage to the enemy it hits and slowing it down. Enemy heroes will receive additional damage of 3% of their total HP as Magic Damage. Passive Effect: Gains 1 stack of Twilight to Darkening with each use.

Cosmic Fission – 3rd Skill (Burst, Blink)
Lunox releases energy waves in the fan area and deals magic damage points to all enemies it hits and slows them down by 60%.

Power of Order: Brilliance/Power of Chaos: Darkening – Ultimate
Power of Order: Brilliance
Lunox turns into a ball of light for 3 seconds and deals magic damage every 0.5 seconds to all nearby enemies. When this skill is active, Lunox cannot be attacked.

Power of Chaos: Darkening
Lunox moves in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies. After that, for the next 4 seconds Chaos Assault has no Cooldown.