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New Hero Mobile Legends Kadita - Ocean Goddess

After several months of planning, now the Indonesian Hero Kadita has been officially released on Advance Server Mobile Legends. Kadita – Ocean Goddess is a hero inspired by the mythological character Nyi Roro Kidul. In Mobile Legends, Kadita becomes a Hero role Mage with Specialty Bust Damage/Charge. This hero has a lot of CC and even has Immune skills of all types of CC, even Ultimate Kadita has great damage like Ulti Aurora. Judging from her skills, it looks like Kadita will become the mainstay Hero Mage of the Ranked Match and will even become a Banned candidate. Here’s Kadita’s Skill – Ocean Goddess.

Thalassophobia – Passive Skill
Opponents are intimidated by Ocean Wave Kadita. Causes Attack Speed ​​of enemies who take damage from Ocean Wave to be slowed by 60%.

Ocean Oddity – 1st Skill

Kadita becomes a mermaid and summons Ocean Wave and then she rides the wave. Deals Magic Damage and slows down enemies by 70%. He gains an Immune effect against all CC Skills and reduces the damage taken while riding the wave. He could use this Skill again or use another Skill to immediately descend from the waves. Then the waves will continue to move in that direction to deal continuous damage.

Breath of the Ocean – 2nd Skill

Kadita summons Ocean Wave to give Mark to the designated area. After some time, Ocean Wave will shoot out to deal Magic Damage and knock enemies up for 1.5 seconds.

Rough Wave – Ultimate

With the power of the ocean at her command, Kadita summons a tsunami to destroy her opponents who are nearby. The more waves the opponent receives, the more damage they take. The tsunami then returns to Kadita and deals Magic Damage to enemies in its path.