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New Hero Mobile Legends from Myanmar, Minisitthar - Coregeous Warrior

After Moonton released a Hero from Indonesia, Kadita, now it’s Myanmar’s turn to get the release of a Hero in Mobile Legends. Minisitthar is a Hero from Myanmar who was officially released on the Advance Server as Hero Mobile Legends. Minisitthar is a Hero Fighter with Crowd Control that can attract opponents just like Franco. This hero can also summon Royal Guards to fight together with him and prevent opponents from using directed blink skills.

Minisitthar Mobile Legends Skill

All United – Passive Skill
Minisitthar gives encouragement to the whole team. Every time a teammate kills an opposing Hero, Minisitthar will get additional Gold. And whenever Minisitthar kills an opposing Hero, all his team members will get additional gold.

Spear of Glory – 1st Skill
Minisitthar stabs forward with his Spear of Glory, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along its path. When retracting the spear, Minisitthar will pull the opponent who was first hit by the spear, dealing Physical Damage and Knock-Back to the enemy. Meanwhile his Attack Speed ​​will increase.

Shield Greetings – 2nd Skill
Minisitthar uses the power of the Golden Shield to obtain a Shield and increases his Movement Speed ​​instantly. Meanwhile he will release the power of the Golden Shield forward. The power will explode when hitting the first enemy unit and dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area. The first opponent will be stunned and the other opponent will be knocked back.

King’s Calling – Ultimate
Minisitthar charges a short distance forward and summons 4 Royal Guards to get to the field and fight alongside him. When in the area Minisitthar increases Physical Attack, Physical Deff and Magic Deff. Opponents in the field will have reduced movement speed and cannot use directed Blink Skills. The Royal Guard cannot move but will surrender the opponent in the Field first.