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New Gameplay Video of Skull & Bones Leaked on the Internet! Ubisoft Responds Immediately! – Recently, there has been circulating on the internet about a leaked footage of a new gameplay video of Ubisoft’s pirate game Skull & Bones which is currently still in the development stage.

This leaked new Skull & Bones gameplay video was posted by a user on the reddit site via a post on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit.

In the leaked 6-minute Skull & Bones gameplay video, the latest details of the contents of the game world, such as lobby, customize, expedition, multiplayer, combat, and others are displayed.

Unfortunately, the leaked video recording has now been deleted or taken down by the authorities so that it is not disseminated.

The good news is, the video has been successfully saved and now you can still watch it by clicking HERE.

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Skull & Bones

Shortly after the leaked gameplay video circulated, Ubisoft as the developer of the Skull & Bones game immediately responded.

In short, Ubisoft has confirmed that the leaked gameplay video is true but, not entirely true.