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New Content Season 9 - Latest Build Update

Only a few days left Season 8 is coming to an end, and Season 9 is about to begin. In Season 9, Mobile Legends will release some of the latest builds to add to the player’s playing experience. The patch update will update some of these builds later.

1. New Build Will There is Active Skills

Almost all Build skills are passive, this is what makes it difficult for players to play the game. In Season 9 later the developer will add an active Skill to the Build. It aims to make the players get a lot of experience and fun in playing.

2. DPS Equipment and Heroes Attack Effects

Although, more and more DPS heroes have turned into ML, their DPS equipment sets are all more or less the same. Take, for example, Berserker’s Fury, which is seen in many buildings and is used in almost all roles. However, there are heroes with special basic attacks, such as Karrie, who must choose equipment items that highlight that specialization. And later there will be New Builds that will support Heroes like Karrie, so hope that players can explore their creativity with new variations in equipment choices.

3. Equipment For Mage

It seems that there are some Mage who are quite weak on Laning, especially the Burst Mage type. Seeing this, the developer will later create a new build that will overcome this. But of course, the build will have a high risk if misused.

4. Equipment Recovery For Non-DPS heroes

Non-DPS heroes are often positioned as tanks taking a ton of damage in team battles. But after that they rarely recover HP, which means they can barely hold out long enough for the next battle. To fix this the developer will design several new Builds to give these heroes the regenerative abilities they need and free them from the trouble of fighting. fight.

5. Build Yang Capable Withhold Damage Which Very Big

The developers seem to want to bring more equipment options for players when they face high DPS heroes. However, Mages with Burst Damage, like Eudora, would still be strong opponents. Therefore, in Season 9 there will be a Build that is able to withstand Heroes with high DPS. The main benefit of this Buid later is for cost-effectiveness against Heroes with high DPS skills or equipment. However, the drawback of this build is that it will be less effective against Non-DPS types of heroes.