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Never got the SEA Cup, this is the plan of BTR RA later!

The big PUBG Mobile tournament in Southeast Asia will be coming in a few days, to be exact on 23 – 25 October 2022.

There will be 16 teams that will compete in PMPL Sea Finals later, and among them there are 3 teams from Indonesia that will participate.

Bigetron Red Aliens, Aerowolf Limax, and also Aura Esports who has managed to get a slot for winning PMPL ID Season 2 yesterday.

One of the highlights is Bigetron RA, which has been a world champion twice.

In fact, during his time as world champion, BTR RA has never received a trophy from the PMPL SEA tournament.

In Season 1 ago, PMPL SEA was won by RRQ Athena which is a team from Thailand.

Seeing the match later, the three teams, especially the world champions, had to work hard against the other 13 teams from other countries.

BTR RA’s Plan for PMPL SEA Finals!

As we know, after the completion of PMPL ID Season 2, there were many changes in this alien team, from the new coach, to the new roster that entered.

Seeing how bad BTR RA’s game in the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals was, the fans were curious about their abilities in PMPL SEA later.

In accordance with what Ryzen said in the PMPL ID Season 2 interview, indeed they were really down in the Grand Finals, but in SEA later they promised to show maximum performance.

S1nyo New Coach BTR RA

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This is also confirmed by the new platin, S1nyo, on Bigetron TV a few days ago about Bigetron RA’s goal for PMPL later.

They’ve already won a lot, but in SEA there isn’t one yet. Yes, we really want to hopefully be able to get a trophy in SEA, also at PMGC later, hopefully it will produce results too” said S1nyo.

Well, what do you think? Will Bigetron’s goal be achieved in PMPL SEA later or not, guys?

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