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Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) Confirmed Coming in October 2022!

Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) can finally be confirmed to be present in October 2022. Of course, this is good news for Free Fire players who have been waiting for this event for a long time. Because this event was last attended a few months ago.

The Mystery Shop FF event is an event where many offer very large discounts for various cool Free Fire items. In addition to some new items, old items are also sometimes present in this event. So it is natural that many are looking forward to this one event.

Mystery Shop FF Ready to Come in October 2022

The news of the presence of Mystery Shop FF in October 2022 was confirmed by Game Master (GM) Free Fire Rido Odiri through Kulgar’s YouTube channel. In his latest video, he is very sure that the Mystery Shop FF event will be present at the end of October 2022.

I can guarantee that this week should be yes. This week or next week this mystery shop should be out. I have a feeling, the mystery shop will be out this Saturday or Sunday guys. So you guys just wait for the next content info from me

GM Rido Odiri said it was reported from Dailyspin

The arrival of the Mystery Shop FF event is sometimes always sudden. Garena never mentions when this one event will come on Free Fire. The presence of this event on Free Fire seems random and random. So, it is difficult to predict when this event will come.

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Wait For More Information From Garena

Mystery Shop Ff 1
Mystery Shop FF | Garena

Although from Kulgar’s YouTube channel there is already certainty regarding the presence of Mystery Shop FF in October 2022. We also need to wait for more information from Garena. If Garena still hasn’t provided official confirmation, then we need to be more patient first.

If the information conveyed by GM Rido Odiri is true that the Mystery Shop FF will be present this month, then Garena will immediately respond. We just have to wait for the official announcement from Garena.

As the name suggests “Mystery Shop”, this one event is indeed full of mysteries, both the items that will be present and the time of their implementation. Even so, Free Fire players remain loyal to waiting for this event to return to Free Fire. Of all the existing events, the Mystery Shop is the most awaited event by players.

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