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Mystery Shop FF July 2022, when is the official schedule?

Mystery Shop FF July 2022 has been questioned by many Free Fire players. Because this event provides lots of prizes in the form of exclusive items that we can’t get at other events.

Well, in July 2022, this event became a byword among Free Fire players. They can’t wait to welcome an event whose presence is very rare every season.

With various items and exclusive prizes, making the event the best event ever in the Free Fire game. Therefore, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will share a leak regarding the Mystery Shop Free Fire event in July 2022. If you are curious, let’s read this discussion to the end.

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Understanding Mystery Shop FF

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena Free Fire

Mystery Shop FF July 2022 is one of the official events held by Garena in the Free Fire game. This event provides a lot of discounts for players for each item. For that reason, this event is eagerly awaited in every season.

Meanwhile, the discounts given to each item sold vary. There are 20%, 40%, 50%, and some are even discounted up to 90%. In addition, Garena also prepared various attractive prizes for players during the event.

The big discount shared by Garena made many players tempted. However, you need to know that the amount of discount you get for an item, depends on when you do gacha. Finally, this event also provides cool and interesting bundles, items, and skins for you to get.

When will Mystery Shop FF July 2022 be held?

mystery shop ff july 2021
Free Fire | Garena Free Fire

According to existing leaks, Mystery Shop Free Fire will be held in early July. This is known from the pattern of the release of the event, the last time Garena held this event was in June 2022. At that time, this event had been present 3 times.

Meanwhile, in June 2022, this one event was not present. Because this causes many Free Fire players to be very disappointed. Moreover, previously they had prepared everything, especially money to buy Diamonds so that they could participate in the Mystery Shop FF event.

Although this is only a prediction, it can at least provide initial information for this event. Garena has yet to confirm when the official date for this event will take place. Even so, you also have to always be ready, the Mystery Shop Free Fire event could really come in early July 2022.

Various Prizes That Will Appear

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena Free Fire

In addition to the leaked date, we have also predicted various prizes that will appear in the Mystery Shop FF July 2022 Event. Here are some prizes that are likely to be present:

  1. Elite Pass Vouchers
  2. Diamond Royale Vouchers
  3. Purple Shade Bundle
  4. Weapon Royale Vouchers
  5. Soulless Avenger Pack Skin
  6. Lab Giant Bundle
  7. Zapudo Dreamy Club Skin
  8. Soulless Conqueror
  9. Wasteland Roamer Bundle
  10. Azure Annihilation Bundle
  11. Soulless Taco Skin
  12. And others

How to Join the Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

mystery shop ff july 2021
Free Fire | Garena

After learning about the various leaks of the Mystery Shop FF July 2022. To make it easier for you to follow the existing events, we will provide a way to participate in the event. Here are the steps:

  1. First, when you need to top up Diamond first according to the money you have, Diamod functions to buy items in the game.
  2. Then, you need to enter the Mystery Shop event first. How to go to Event > Select Mystery Shop > Click Visit.
  3. After entering the event menu, you need to do gacha according to the existing guidelines. This serves to determine how much discount you will receive.
  4. Then, after getting the discount amount, you can buy various items according to the discount you received earlier.
  5. Finally, collect as many points as possible to get the main prize of this event.

So, that’s the leak regarding Mystery Shop FF July 2022. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about other Free Fire Tips from us.