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Muv-Luv Novel Team Invites Fans to Create a Spin-off Story!

Asahi Iwanaga revealed in an interview with the game website Twinfinite on Friday. That they put together spin-off stories for Novels Muv-Luv from international fans. The development team has requested that interested fans should send their stories to the editors of Twinfinite, Giuseppe Nelvawhich will pass it on to the development team for review.

In a previous interview with Dual Shockers, Yoshimune expressed interest in the unregulated Muv-Luv stories in Japan. Dan said he hopes to see content creators in different regions step forward with their own stories.

Muv-Luv Novel Team Invites Fans to Create a Spin-off Story

nelva referred to this interview and commented: “Some fans have decided to write a story in response to that. Is there a way they can submit their work to you?

Muv-Luv Novel Team Invites Fans to Create a Spin-off Story!

Yoshimune and Iwanaga reacted happily and asked Nelva to collect the stories. Twinfinite has asked fans to send their completed stories to the email address [email protected].

When asked if there were any foreign creators in particular they would hypothetically want to work with. Yoshimune and Iwanaga said that they wanted to work with JJ Abrams because “he can make a great film based on any concept.”

The interview also shows that the English translation of photonflowers. a collection of Muv-Luv-themed short stories originally exclusive to the PlayStation 3,”goes well” and will appear on Windows in 2022.

English translation of the short story collection of photonflowers and photonmelodies was the target of a US$720,000 stretch in the Muv-Luv Kickstarter campaign that ran in 2015. The English version of the Muv-Luv visual trilogy was released in 2022.