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Must Be Alert, This Hero Fighter Becomes OP After New Patch!

Must Be Alert, This Hero Fighter Becomes OP After New Patch!

Among the many buffed heroes, there is one Fighter hero who became OP after the new Mobile Legends patch was presented.

Previously this hero was no longer used because it was too weak. The buff obtained is quite a lot and makes this hero rise again in prestige because his strength becomes stronger.

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Strong Fighter Hero After Patch

Strong Fighter Hero
source: Mobile Legends Rank

The hero is Thamuz, you can see for yourself that this hero has increased his percentage in the Mythic Mobile Legends rank as of yesterday, June 24, 2022.

It’s not the highest or the top 10, but in rank 14. But if you realize before experiencing the buff this hero is very less attractive.

Even if you don’t know now, Thamuz’s 1st skill can be summoned at will and has a short cooldown. This allows Thamuz to spam his passive quickly while dealing poke damage through his 1st skill.

In addition, his 1st skill is now not blocked by minions anymore, so this 1st skill will only stop when it is hit by an opposing hero or jungle monster.

For the latest Explaner hero, he even excels Dyrroth, who was popular some time ago. Thamuz is only less popular than Esmeralda and Balmond.

For those of you who want to play rank, you must be very wary of strong Fighter heroes after this new patch, Thamuz is an OP and you should count as a pick.

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