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MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Day 2 Results, RRQ Continues to Playoffs?

MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Day 2 Results, RRQ Continues to Playoffs?

MSC Mobile Legends entered the second day where there will be another Indonesian team, RRQ Hoshi, who will compete in the group stage.

For those who missed the match, here we have summarized the results. Listen to it in full.

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MSC MLBB 2022 Results

IDNS Esports Vs OMEGA Esports

source: YT MLBB

The opening match was tight, the first game was won quite easily by OMEGA Esports who brought in Julian. The result IDNS Difficulty to get points in this game.

The second game went the other way because iDNS managed to excel using his Fanny. The result, although not as smooth as OMEGA Esports, IDNS managed to steal one important point from OMEGA Esports and even got a maniac for their explaner sunxaompak.

Orange Esports Vs Impunity KH

Orange vs Impunity
source: YT MLBB

Orange Esports won the first point after successfully making a sweet comeback against Impunity KH. Impunity KH actually has a lot of advantages, even their kill points are very high, but Orange managed to take advantage of the situation and make a sweet comeback.

Impunity KH seemed unwilling to repeat mistakes and played better, as a result they managed to equalize and bring 1 point from this match.

RRQ Hoshi Vs IDNS Esports

RRQ Hoshi stepped on the gas in two games against IDNS Esports, although in the second game IDNS appeared more fierce and troubled RRQ Hoshi, with this result RRQ will certainly advance to the playoffs.

EVOS SG vs Orange Esports

EVOS surprisingly lost 2-0 to the runners-up Malaysia Orange Esports. Orange Esports solidified their position for the playoffs, while EVOS SG had a life and death match against Impunity KH.

RRQ Hoshi Vs Omega Esports

Actually, this match didn’t really have much effect because both teams were indirectly bound for the playoffs, this saw the IDNS draw against Omega which Omega won faster, and IDNS had lost 2-0 to RRQ Hoshi.

Omega seems to know that and tries to give all the hero power to RRQ, and as a result RRQ wins with an untouched turret.

On the other hand RRQ also seems to be like that even though they took Ling, they were depressed and made Omega who was holding Wanwan unstoppable and had to give up 1 point for Omega. These results ensure that these two teams advance to the next round.

EVOS SG vs Impunity KH

Being the champion of the Cambodian MPL made Impunity actually have the advantage but it turned out that they had to lose to EVOS SG even though they only needed 1 point to secure a place in the playoffs, this made EVOS SG advance to the next round.

That’s the result of the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 match. For brackets, you can directly check the latest article.

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