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MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Day 1 Results, ONIC Passed Group?

MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Day 1 Results, ONIC Passed Group?

MSC Mobile Legends 2022 officially starts today. And of course there will be two groups competing today, namely group A and group B. Where group A is filled by the Indonesian team, namely ONIC Esports with Todak and Falcon Esports.

For those of you who missed the match here, SPIN Esports has summarized the results.

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Sword vs Falcon Esports

Sword vs Falcon
source: YT MLBB

The first game was exciting because both teams responded wrongly. Todak mastered the early to mid game, but Falcon did not give up and managed to take the momentum with Akai in the hands of Kenn. As a result, Falcon managed to steal the first point from Todak.

This time, he got Valentina, it was proven that this hero was still very strong even though Akai got Falcon again. The result, despite their Lord’s stealing, managed to kill Falcon players and closed this match with a score of 1-1.

RSG PH VS See You Soon

Photo via MPL PH

The match went very well for RSG PH in their two games and succeeded in overthrowing See You Soon and at the same time solidifying their position to advance to the next round.

Falcon Esports Vs ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports performed well in the early game with Sanz’s Akai, but unfortunately a blunder occurred and forced them to submit in the first game against Falcon.

This time Falcon got Akai and played him as a jungler. As a result, they were able to overthrow ONIC Esports and bring them full points and qualify for the next round.

See You Soon VS RSG SG

source: YT MLBB

RSG SG stole the first point in this match after overthrowing See You Soon with their good game.

See You Soon doesn’t want to go home early, she keeps her hope for the next round by equalizing with RSG SG.

Sword vs ONIC Esports

ONIC really controlled the game and seemed to be closing the first game with a win. However, the initiation of Kiboy, which was retaliated by Yums, caused ONIC to be punished, so that ONIC had to experience defeat and ensured that he failed at MSC this time.

The game doesn’t seem to have much effect anymore with Lesley being picked up by Ciku. The result, despite losing in the second game, Todak still escaped with the acquisition of two points overall.


Photo via MPL PH

Two winning games were easily obtained by RSG PH and established themselves to advance to the next round, and this result also made RSG SG qualify because in the previous match he managed to win in minutes from See You Soon.

RSG SG finished the match with 15 minutes ahead of See You Soon who finished the match with 18 minutes.

Those are the results of MSC Mobile Legends 2022. According to your predictions?

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