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MSC 2022 Coming Soon to Southeast Asia

Jakarta, July 3 2022, Moonton is ready to hold the grandest Mobile Legends competition in Southeast Asia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Cup 2022 (MSC 2022).

This is the second time that Mobile Legends will hold an international level event in the E-Sports event with Southeast Asia as the participant. MSC is an annual competitive event officially organized by Moonton as the publisher and developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Southeast Asian countries as participants.

In 2022, MSC invited representatives from 5 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. For 2022, there are 7 countries that will participate in MSC, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Slightly different from the 2022 MSC event which uses a qualification system, the 2022 MSC supported by as a Sponsor will have a slightly different system.

Countries that have implemented MPL, such as Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore, and the Philippines will receive invitations for outstanding teams to participate in MPL.

The following are the teams that have been selected and invited based on their achievements in their respective MPL.

· Indonesian MPL Champion: Aerowolf Roxy (NXL)

· Philippines MPL Champion: Aether Main

· Malaysia-Singapore MPL Champion: Bigetron SG

· Direct Invite from MPL ID: EVOS Esports

· Direct Invite from MPL ID: RRQ.O2

· Direct Invite from MPL Malaysia – Singapore : AirAsia Saiyan

· Direct Invite from MPL Philippines : Digital Devils Pro Gaming

Uniquely, there is a team that has been officially invited by the relevant parties. Of course, the team is a very well-known team in their respective countries, for example the Evos team from Indonesia. It seems that this method is done so that this year’s MSC event is lively compared to last year’s.

Unfortunately for Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, they can only send 1 team as their respective representatives. This is in stark contrast to the representatives of the Indonesian team, which can be up to 3 teams. Of course, last year’s winner IDONTSLEEP from Thailand’s representatives will take part in this event.

Later, MSC 2022 will consist of 2 rounds, the Group Stage and the Playoffs. In the group stage, the 10 participating teams will be divided into 2 groups with a Round Robin (Bo1) match system. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs with a Single Elimination system and Bo3 for the Semifinals and Bo5 for the Finals

Amazingly Moonton has prepared a total prize of USD 100,000 $ or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 billion with the distribution of prizes as follows:

1. Qualifier Champions

MSC Qualifier Thailand: USD 6,000

MSC Qualifier Vietnam: USD 6,000

MSC Qualifier Myanmar: USD 6,000

2. Group Stages:

Every 1 point victory in each match will get a prize of USD 1,000.

With a total of 20 matches, USD 20,000 will be reserved for the group stage.

3. Grand Final

The first winner of MSC 2022 will be entitled to take home a prize of USD 30.00

Second place aka Runner Up will get USD 15,000

The third place winner will get USD 10,000

And the fourth place winner will get USD 5,000.

4. Personal Rewards

Players who won the Grand Finals MVP for the Grand Final round will get an additional prize of USD 1,000.

While the players who managed to get the title King of KDA will also get a prize of USD 1,000.

The Grand Final for MSC 2022 will be held at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) on 27-29 July 2022. Meanwhile, the slot drawing for the participating teams will be broadcast live on 26 July 2022. aired exclusively on Facebook in 3 languages, Indonesian, Thai and English.