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MRT Jakarta and Increase MRT User Convenience and Support Game Industry Growth in Indonesia is now here and has entered the Jakarta MRT ecosystem through its application. This collaboration is the result of the MRTJ Accel acceleration program. MRT Jakarta and hope to provide comfort and entertainment for all MRT Jakarta users. This effort is the first step to open access for the public to be able to enjoy various games created by the nation’s children, including MRT Jakarta users so that they can play games, compete, and get prizes as easy as using the MRT Jakarta application.

President Director of PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) William P. Sabandar said that this collaboration was another effort by PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) to provide a travel experience for users of MRT Jakarta services. “As the Governor of DKI Jakarta said earlier that public space and transportation is the third space after residence as the first space and workplace as the second space,” William said. “This third room is not just a body transfer tool, but also should provide meaning and experience while traveling and traveling. Therefore, we strongly support initiatives such as,” said William. CEO Anton Soeharyo said that his startup company has a vision of building the game industry as a sub-sector of the country’s creative industry so that it continues to grow and develop. “The collaboration with MRT Jakarta is one way for us to build the game industry in Indonesia and provide convenience to MRT Jakarta service users,” said Anton. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anton said that recorded a spike in service traffic of up to 75 percent over the past few months. “This positive trend also reinforces our steps to collaborate with MRT Jakarta which can also encourage the growth of and all local game developers in our ecosystem,” said Anton.

Now all MRT Jakarta users can try MainGame Cake Slider on the MRT Jakarta Application. There will be an opportunity to get attractive prizes for MRT Jakarta users who follow and play on the MRT Jakarta application with applicable Terms & Conditions. is a web-based gaming html-5 platform that allows users to play and interact with other players without the hassle of downloading applications. For more details visit