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MPL Invitational Week 2 Day 3 Results - Now it's the Team's Turn to qualify for the Playoffs

MPL Invitational Week 2 Day 3 Results – Now it’s the Team’s Turn to qualify for the Playoffs! The MPL Invitational itself is a substitute tournament for MSC 2022 which had to be canceled due to the corona virus outbreak that is currently engulfing the entire world. MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup as the name suggests only presents 4 countries in this tournament, of which the four countries are Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The tournament has been going on for a long time and until now there have been 7 teams that have confirmed themselves to play in the MPL Invitational playoffs. Now only one team can qualify for the playoffs, namely the winners from group C.

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All matches held today (Group C) went very smoothly where the opening match was played by Bigetron and Geek Fam. Then the closing match was played by Genflix Aerowolf and Bigetron.

Bigetron eSports Vs Geek Fam

Score : 2-1

In the match between BTR Vs Geek Fam it was very exciting, Geek Fam who was not seeded at all in this match actually appeared very aggressive, indeed, in the first game they played a little passively and lost to Lancelot Branz so the score was 1-0, but in the in the second game they dominated each lane and managed to keep the Ling used by Branz from moving. The attack motor was directed by Lancelotnya Doyok so the score was 1-1.

Continuing in the last game or the decisive game where this time Geek Fam started to get depressed from the beginning of the game, those who relied on Lancelot Doyok again were unable to do anything by Karrie who was used by Branz as a result the third game was won by Bigetron.

Geek Fam vs Siren Clan

Score : 2-1

In the first game the Siren Clan gave fierce resistance to Geek Fam but once again the quality of Geek Fam was much better than Siren Clan, again Doyok was able to lift the team’s performance with the Wanwan hero he was wearing, meanwhile the Siren Clan who relied on Roger couldn’t do anything -whatever and the game ends in victory for the Geek Fam.

In the second game the split push strategy carried out by Siren Clan made Geek Fam players confused, this of course was used very well by Moskov who was played by Oh Deer Bambi he was free to farm anywhere while Geek Fam was busy holding back the split push from Siren Clan. The result, of course, was that Moskov’s items were finished and could slaughter Geek Fam players one by one, the second game was won by Siren Clan.

Continuing in the third game, the match went quite fast because of the Geek Fam’s strategy of playing fast because they chose Kimmy as the main core. This strategy seems to have succeeded. Kimmy, played by Doyok, dominated the game, while Moskov, who was again relied on by the Siren Clan, was unable to do much. As a result, the third game was won by Geek Fam.

Genflix Aerowolf vs Bigetron eSports

Score : 2-1

Since the match started, both teams counterattacked each other, their two main cores both performed well. Claude from Watt managed to secure Turtle 2 times and move freely from farming anywhere while Lancelot used by Branz also managed to match Claude’s Watt level from getting kills or jungle. But at one point when Atlas from DreamS made a small mistake, Genflix Aerowolf was able to take advantage of this by killing BTR heroes one by one and securing the first Lord.

However, BTR was still strong enough to withstand the attack from Genflix Aerowolf, but at one moment they were caught off guard by Billy’s Natalia, which turned out to be a split push to BTR’s main turret, as a result in the first game GFLX Aerowolf managed to secure it.

In the second game Bigetron started to rise, even around 3:30 minutes Uranus used by Bravo was able to reach Maniac in this game. And of course after the maniac Bigetron was able to destroy the Genflix Aerowolf turret one by one after going through fierce resistance from GFLX Aerowolf and securing the first lord, as a result Bigetron won the second game.

In the third game the game was very tight from the start, Branz who relied on Hayabusa couldn’t do anything because Genflix Aerowolf’s strategy was split push with Masha from Billy and Ling from Watt. The third game ended and was won by Genflix Aerowolf.

Therefore, Genflix Aerowolf, who qualified for the MPL Invitational playoffs from Group C! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!