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MPL ID Season 7 Playoff Complete Schedule

Regular season round MPL ID Season 7 just ended. The six teams that qualify for the playoffs have been determined. The MPL ID Season 7 playoff schedule has now been officially announced and will present even more exciting matches.

In the playoffs, there are already 6 teams that will fight for the title of the highest Indonesian Mobile Legends tournament champion. The six teams are Onic Esports, Evos Legends, RRQ Hoshi, Bigetron Alpha, Alter Ego and also Genflix Aerowolf.

After seeing various exciting matches in MPL ID Season 7 in the Regular Season round. From the El Clasico match to the previous season’s MPL ID rematch, now is the time to move on to the finals playoffs. So as not to be missed, here is the schedule and bracket for the MPL ID Season 7 playoffs.

MPL ID Season 7 playoff schedule

  • Match 1 (30 June 2022) – RRQ Hoshi vs. Genflix Aerowolf
  • Match 2 (30 June 2022) – Bigetron Alpha vs. Alter Ego
  • Match 3 (30 June 2022) – Upper Bracket: Match 1 winner vs. Evos Legends
  • Match 4 (1 June 2022) – Upper Bracket: Match 2 winner vs. Onic Esports
  • Match 5 (1 June 2022) – Lower Bracket: Team loses Match 3 vs. Team loses Match 4
  • Match 6 (1 June 2022) – Upper Bracket Final: Match 3 winner vs. Match 4 Winner
  • Match 7 (2 June 2022) – Lower Bracket Final: Team loses Match 6 vs. Match 5 Winner
  • Match 8 (2 June 2022) – Grand Final: Match 6 winner vs. Winner of Match 7

MPL ID Season 7 playoff bracket

MPL ID Season 7 playoff bracket
MPL ID Season 7 playoff bracket |

The inaugural match will be presented on June 30. The inaugural match will bring together RRQ Hoshi vs. Genflix Aerowolf and Bigeron Alpha vs. Alter Ego. The winner will go up against Onic Esports and Evos Legends, which are already waiting on upper bracket.

Rolling for 3 days, the Grand Final will take place on Sunday, June 2, 2022. At this time, we still cannot confirm how RRQ Hoshi as the defending champion of MPL ID Season 6. With his ups and downs, it will be difficult to predict whether the team, which has the nickname king of all kings, is preparing the final move in the final round. playoffs?

On the other hand, Evos Legends, which is slowly but surely starting to roar, are increasingly showing their true identity if they deserve to take home the MPL ID Season 7 trophy. Alpha who also wants to win the MPL ID Season 7 title.

Now that’s the Complete MPL ID Season 7 Playoff Schedule which is certainly very interesting to watch. For you lovers MOBA games especially Mobile Legends, don’t worry about the playoffs.

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