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Motorbike Venom FF, Here's How to Get It!

The Venom FF motorbike is one of the items that you can have for free at the Free Fire x Venom event. The event has been taking place since Sunday, October 10, 2022 yesterday. Well, because one of them is a free item, you should be able to get the gift.

Garena officially announced their latest collaboration event with Venom at the end of September 2022 yesterday. This is the first time Free Fire has collaborated with a film. Previously, Garena only collaborated with games, anime, and famous figures.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will share with you all about how to get a Venom Motorbike on Free Fire. Curious about the discussion? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

About the Free Fire x Venom Event Event

Motorbike venom ff
Free Fire x Venom | Garena

Before discussing how to get a Venom FF Motorbike, we will discuss a little about Free Fire x Venom. Free Fire x Venom is a collaboration event that presents many free gifts and items themed Venom. Of course, the most eagerly awaited is the bundle.

The good news, we have provided steps to get the FF x Venom Bundle for free. Even more interesting, based on news from, all the items that came out in FF x Venom can be obtained for free by players. So, you don’t need to spend money to Top Up Diamond.

This can save you more money, because there are still many other Free Fire events that are still waiting. Even though in the FF x Venom event, the items that are distributed are free items, but don’t worry. Because, the various items that Garena shared in this event were pretty cool.

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How to get a Venom FF Motorbike

Motorbike Venom Ff
Venom Motorbike | Pinterest

Well, to get a Venom Motorbike on Free Fire, you need to complete a mission called Venom Is Here. After completing the mission you will not only get a Venom Motorbike, but also a SPAS12 Gun Skin. How? Very profitable isn’t it.

The way to complete the Venom is Here mission is very easy. You only need to login. The date itself is October 16-17, 2022, which is the Peak Day of the Free Fire x Venom event. By logging in on those two days, you can get a Venom Motorbike and 2x Incubator Vouchers.

Meanwhile, to get the SPAS12 – Wasteland Gun Skin, you need to kill 24 kills within two days, 16-17 October 2022. After that, then you can claim the SPAS12- Wasteland Gun Skin prize.

So that’s the discussion about how to get the Motobike Venom FF. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.