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Motivation and Profile of 3 Non-MPL Teams Amid the Fierce Event of MDL Season 2!

Siren Esports, XCN BKB, and Victim Esports are non-MPL teams determined to become champions in the midst of competition from MPL franchise teams

As a game developer, Moonton is directly involved in maintaining the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. Exclusive only in Indonesia, the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) has touched its second season.

In this one event, Moonton also opened a qualifying path to screen potential teams to participate. Then 3 teams were chosen, namely Siren Esports, XCN BKB, and the defending champion, Victim Esports. These three teams do not include MPL franchise teams that get direct tickets to compete in MDL Season 2.

Adding to the heat of MDL Indonesia’s competition, there are 3 non-MPL teams that provide team motivation, excitement, fierce competition, tension and ambition, to the journey to being able to participate in the MDL Season 2.

Starting from the XCN BKB team, represented by the General Manager of XCN, Erlangga gave several responses regarding participation in the MDL Season 2. “MDL is now more exciting and challenging because all teams are more well-prepared. There are so many challenges at MDL, in any way. The MDL Season 2 event is also very competitive and many new players or talents have emerged here,” said Erlangga.

Unlike the MPL franchise teams, XCN BKB must go through a strict qualification phase before playing in the Regular Season. “The qualifying phase is very difficult, yes, because you have to beat several potential teams first,” he said.

Erlangga also gave his opinion as well as the target for the XCN BKB team while competing in the MDL Season 2. “Esports is like a sport event in general, anything can happen. As long as we believe and believe, then we can definitely win. Hopefully next season’s MDL competition will be even more colorful in the future, many teams will participate, and of course we can hold offline tournaments again,” added the General Manager.

Not to be missed, Siren Esports Manager, Juniar Permata also shared the motivation and profile of the team to be able to compete on the MDL Season 2 standings with 10 other teams. Siren Esports itself is competing in the MDL Season 2 event for the first time. “Obviously this event is more exciting because all the teams in our opinion are really strong. The point is, we have to work even harder if we want to compete with MPL franchise teams,” said the Siren team manager.

The manager also said that despite being labeled as a second tier league, MDL Season 2 was still difficult for all teams. “Obviously it’s very competitive, it’s not easy because the other teams that have participated have also proven to be strong. As for strategy, of course we are optimistic, because we have prepared various ways to beat the opponents,” added the manager.

Then it came to the Victim Esports team, the champion of MDL Season 1 was also represented by Rickel, the Manager of Victim Esports did have a heavier burden with his status as the defending champion.

“This season is our second time at MDL. For the MDL Season 2 event itself, it is indeed more exciting and challenging because there are many opponents with new players and new strategies,” he said.

Rickel also gave an overview of the variety of excitement in the competitive realm that took place at MDL Season 2 and the difficulty of competing up to the Regular Season phase with Victim Esports’ status as a qualifying team. “The challenge is that there are many new strategies from patch updates that keep changing, especially now using a 5 hero ban system, plus the competition is very competitive, yes, with new talents and heroes and new rules that make the game more exciting and challenging, ” he concluded.

Rickel also admitted that Victim’s steps were not easy to compete in MDL Season 2. “You could say it’s difficult, because we don’t know what lies ahead. All we can do is practice and try our best to win and become 1st place in the Playoff phase.”

Unlike the previous two teams, Victim Esports also has its own motivation in navigating the MDL Season 2. “Motivation must come from the fans with the desire that we are able to win the prestigious competition this time, then later we want to compete in MPL next season,” said the manager.

Victim Esports, who successfully won the MDL Season 1 title, has several players who are now defending the MPL Indonesia team, such as Renbo at Bigetron Alpha and Sanz at ONIC Esports.

Indeed, the presence of teams from MPL is a pressure in itself, especially since the team that oversees it has a positive trend in Moonton’s events, such as EVOS Legends, ONIC Esports, to RRQ Hoshi who once won the MPL Indonesia event. However, the possibility of 3 non-MPL teams such as Siren Esports, XCN BKB, and Victim Esports to win the MDL Season 2 title is still wide open.

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