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Mortal Kombat Movie Breaks This Cool Box-Office Record

Even though it received mixed reception, who would have thought that a big screen film adaptation Mortal Kombat latest, can successfully break the record box-office this cool?

It’s undeniable that one of the films that is anticipated to be released in 2022 is a feature film adaptation Mortal Kombat the latest. Yes how not? This film is based on one of the franchise very rich fighting game fans-his.

Not yet like that trailersits show, movie Mortal Kombat This newest addition is also seen trying hard to follow the flow of the game. Even though most of them have succeeded in doing so, the film still gets mixed reactions.

Alias, there are still those who express complaints about the film. However, we can say movie Mortal Kombat very entertaining and very satisfying. Based on this statement, it is not surprising that the film was successful in breaking records box-office cool recently.

22.5 Million!

Record box-office cool what successfully solved by Mortal Kombat? Welllaunch Deadline, Mortal Kombat successful revenue cracking box-office of $22.5 million. While following below, is a movie anime Demon Slayer who grabbed box-office of $19.5 million.

This achievement, based on data owned by Comscore, is a super fantastic achievement that has not been achieved by any film since the COVID-19 pandemic took place.

After learning this news, the film’s producer, Todd Garner uploaded a tweets the following gratitude

This achievement of course also shows that many people have started to dare to go to the cinema. And it’s fair. Because some people have started to be vaccinated.

Of course, we have high hopes for achievement box-office fantastic that Mortal Kombat and Demon Slayer achieve this, it will be a good sign for the next film releases in this still pandemic period.

Still Losing From the 1995 Constitutional Court

Even though the record box-office cool achieved movie Mortal Kombat This new achievement is fantastic, but still this achievement is still inferior to the achievement box-office film adaptation Mortal Kombat The first one was released in 1995.

At that time the first adaptation Mortal Kombat Paul WS Anderson’s goal, a total success box-office of $23.2 million. And it feels reasonable. Because there are so many iconic aspects contained in the adaptation.

Now, what do you think about this news?