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Morph Team News: The Arrival of Old Players, Until the Roasters are Canceled!

The new news comes from the Morph Team, which is the team created by Reza Arap, after giving the news about the roaster that will be out last month.

After Morph Team had time to make a prank to its fans who said that Rensky going out, but just changing the name, Morph is on a break.

Now it’s just news circulating again, that what has been said by the General Manager of the Morph Team, Tuscany, it was canceled. It’s about releasing all PUBG Mobile players in Morph.

Jeixxy is rumored to be leaving, also Rensky is also rumored to be like that, even other Morph members are said to be released and open for transactions.

Good news also hit after yesterday, PUBG Mobile Morph Team Division Manager, Yohaphets, at the Planet Esports event by RevivalTV, saying that the roasters will remain intact next season.

Now I can say that our previous plan was almost cancelled. So we now we will maintain all roster” said Yohapehets.

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MORPH Team PMPL ID Season 2
Photo via: MORPH Team

In this way, Morph fans don’t have to be afraid of losing their best players, and this team can continue to develop into an extraordinary PUBG Mobile team.

The Manager also revealed that there are old players from the Morph Team who will also become roasters in the future.

He is MorphZabrol who was temporarily on hiatus from the team to continue his studies, and will return in December.

Of course there are positives as well as negatives from this, because the members must be able to adjust the game again, because of course it will be different.

Now Zabrol is ready to return to the team in December. So we have to make adjustments within the team. There is nothing to replace, but there will be additions and changes in the roles of the players.” said Yohaphets.

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After being asked, he said that there are currently 6 players in the Morph team in the PUBG Mobile division, and that doesn’t include TakaNome or Rensky in the past.

There are also many roasters, this way Morph will certainly dominate in the next tournament, replying to what happened at PMPL ID Season 2 yesterday.

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