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Mongolian Death Coffins, The World's Most Sadistic Prison!

The deadliest prison in Indonesia is Nusakambangan, but has it been very sadistic for corruptors in Indonesia? Junebe not, because the prison in Mongolia is more sadistic and deadly. Just imagine, the prison is only in the form of a box.

The prison is named Mongolian Death Coffins, a place of punishment for convicts who have committed inhumane crimes. It is said that before 1920, the Mongolian government had its own method of executing prisoners.

Mongolian Death Coffins Prison Dafund Gokil

Imagine, this box measures 1 meter x 1.2 meters and is located in the dungeons of the Prison of Urga, a prison surrounded by a wooden fortress. Prisoners who are put in these boxes cannot sit or stand.

Well, when winter comes, worse, the prisoners will be left to die just like that. This is of course with a view to reducing maintenance costs during the winter. Is this suitable for the heinous corruptors in Indonesia? It is possible, because it is not impossible for Indonesia to have this very sadistic legal cell.