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MLBB Skin Collector Reward Leaked June 2022, Who's There?

MLBB Skin Collector Reward Leaked June 2022, Who’s There?

Esmeralda seems more and more certain to become a June Collector skin where this hero has seen the effect of her skills and there are other skin rewards as well.

Esmeralda itself is a Tank / Mage hero that is quite popular to be used in rank. This hero has high durability and is a favorite as an explaner at this time.

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Esmeralda Collector’s Display

For those who are curious, you can immediately see how it looks first, really cool!

Esmeralda Skin Collector
source: YT King AOG

Of course, Esmeralda will not come alone as a reward, because there will be two other skins that will also be present as a reward.

These two skins will be resale and if you are not an Esmeralda user, you can really get another skin between these two skins.

Skin Collector’s Reward June 2022

Esmeralda Skin Collector Reward
source: YT King AOG

As can be seen from the leaks of the leakers, that later the June 2022 Collector skin rewards will be Lesley “Falcon Mistress” and Ruby “Lady Zombie”.

One is a Collector skin that is back in resale, and an Epic Limited skin that is resale but both have good skin effects, especially Lesley is a favorite for Mobile Legends players in the Epic tier. One more thing there is a hero that is enough to be a roamer or explaner option at this time.

For other skin rewards that will be present, there is no information yet, if there is one, it will be informed later, Spinners.

Are you going to buy the Esmeralda Collector skin yourself or even one of the other two skins? Write in the comments column yes.

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