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Mirko Praises OhMyV33nus Game at Sea Games Mobile Legends

Mirko Praises OhMyV33nus Game at Sea Games Mobile Legends

Praise not only came from Donkey but also one of the casters, namely Mirko. He revealed this through his YouTube.

OhMyV33nus can indeed be considered as the game brain of the Filipino team. As a roamer, he often becomes a shoutcaller and gives instructions to his colleagues to go forward or back.

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He is famous for his roamer healers like Estes, Angela or Rafaela. She is also good at using support like Mathilda and is often banned.

Mirko Praises For OhMyV33nus at Sea Games


“Venus is probably the best, smartest player we have in MLBB right now. I have to say this, because it’s the truth. The positioning, the way they rotate in the game, the way they do everything is phenomenal,” said Mirko.

He acknowledged that OhMyV33nus is the best and smartest player in the current Mobile Legends scene.

He has a good positioning that hinders the rotation of the opposing team. Not surprisingly, he was chosen as one of the representatives of the Philippine national team.

His duet with Wise also has very strong chemistry. Making the Philippine national team often get an objective without losing its players.

That’s the compliment that came from Mobile Legends caster Mirko regarding the game from OhMyV33nus which he thought was the best for the current MLBB scene. Do you agree with Mirko?

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