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Mini World Help Developers Change Lives for the Better

Have you ever thought that a game can change someone’s life? Mini World is a game that can make that happen.

Mini World is a 3D game sandbox with 500 million monthly active players from around the world. This game offers a vast world that is only limited by the imagination of the players. As players, they can share their creations and enjoy them with friends and people all over the world. Mini World has also been awarded the 2022 “Best Innovative Game” award from the Google Store.

Packed with easy-to-use cutting-edge game creation tools and support platform content gameplay user-based, Miniwan Tech—the company that develops Mini World—has announced a Global Developer Incubation Program. This program allows novice game developers and indie to earn income from their creations in Mini World.

We have paid over a million dollars to global developers at Mini World which is close to 27,000 in 2022. We plan to share a total of 15 million Dollars with all developers by 2022 and share their amazing work with more than 10 million monthly active users.

Here are some inspirational stories from the developer and how Mini World has affected their lives.

Chung Tan Phat is a freelancer 24 years old from Vietnam. He started playing Mini Games only in Survival Mode generates a huge random world for players to explore and discover the world of middle of nowhere and survive.

One day, he decided to try downloading some different maps created by other developers in the Map Gallery. See how exciting it is to be a game developer at Mini Worldhe decided to start developing his own map.

In less than three months, one of his maps (Vượt Ngục) has reached one million downloads and earned him over 20 thousand Dollars. Now, he has more than 200,000 followers on his game account who are constantly asking when his new map will be released.

Queen, also known as wycklover in the game, is one of the official developer tutors from Thailand. Players who want to become developers in Mini World can learn to use their native language through the Mini Learning Map with our tutors. He also decided to give back to the community by donating his earnings from the game.

“I dare say that the thing I want most in life is to see people smile and be grateful. They are worth more than the money I earn and are the most important in my life,” Queen said.

“We’ve hit a $1 million payout to developers in less than a year in 2022 after launching this program. This shows that there are many talented creators who use Mini World to showcase their creativity,” said Skye, Head of Developer Operations at Miniwan Tech.

Mini World dedicated to providing the best experience for our developers and players. By continuing to develop the Global Developer Incubation Program, we are able to provide a catalog of fun and innovative games to delight players and reward game developers for their hard work.”

Are you ready to be a part of the Global Developer Incubation Program and become a developer at Mini World which can reach millions of downloads as well as income from the activities you love? Well, you came to the right place at the right time!

We’re opening a new developer support plan for the Developer Incubation Program this year. You can get a monthly subsidy of up to a thousand Dollars during the incubation period as support. At the same time, you can master the skills and gain the necessary experience to platform our MWBA ​​and create content and maps to attract our millions of active players. So, you can become independent game developers after the incubation period.

Interested in joining? Just follow the two steps below.

Step 1:

Send an email to (Email Subject: Developer Support Plan+Team Name+Minigame Name”) and include the information below:

*1:Introduction of PCG team (including player member info).

*2:Introducing previous works and where to try them.

*3:Upload demo map on Mini World and provide the overall game design.

*4:Contact information

Step 2:

Join our Official Discord at

Alf: Miniwan-Tech#9436

Syman: Mini-dev Captain#6257

For further information, you can directly access it via the site or via email addressed to Alf Miniwan with the email address