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Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Review (Coming For Android and iOS)

To seize the market for mobile gamers, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) was released by a Swedish developer and publisher named Mojang. Minecraft is arguably one of the best-selling sandbox games of all time.

Minecraft PE

Even today, Minecraft is still played by many gamers. This game got more players when a YouTuber biggest gamer, PewDiePie played this game. Have you ever tried playing Minecraft? If you don’t know, Minecraft can trigger and spur your creativity.

In this game you will form a building out of stone. You can even get creative to make something you want or copy something from pop culture like the characters or vehicles in Star Wars.

On this occasion, Buddygame will discuss a review about Minecraft PE. Junebe none of you have tried the mobile version, so if you haven’t, please follow this article until it’s finished.

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Gameplay and Graphics

Basically Minecraft PE is a port of the Minecraft game on the console, so there’s not much difference in gameplay. This game is less well known in Indonesia and has lost its prestige to MMO games such as DOTA 2, Mobile Legends or PUBG. Even in its early days, Minecraft was less popular in Indonesia. Internationally, Minecraft reached 3 million downloads in 2011.

Minecraft PE

You can move your character and interact via the D-pad. This game made by a Swedish developer is very easy to play, even very friendly with children. For the pocket edition version, in 2014 the downloads reached 60 million copies.

If you’ve ever played Minecraft on a PC or on a console, the world that Minecraft Pocket Edition presents is much smaller and you’ll have fewer enemies to destroy. This is because Mojang wants to make players comfortable playing without having to experience lag because smartphone specifications are lower than consoles or PCs.

Even though a lot has been cut, the fun of playing Minecraft will not go away. In this mobile version, you will find new modes, including Survival Mode, Creative Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. You can play with other people around the world by logging into the server.

As mentioned that Minecraft is a Sandbox game where you randomly build and create a world according to your wish. Here you will find a world consisting of sand, stone, wood, and various minerals. You can destroy these materials with several tools.

Still the Same, Combining 8-bit with 3D

In terms of graphics, Minecraft PE is no different from the console or PC versions. Minecraft is famous for its 3D graphics in 8-bit style. It seems that the developer wants to invite gamers to reminisce about the NES era. Although the graphics are not realistic graphics in the style of AAA games, Minecraft has succeeded in bringing its players into its world.

You will find blocks with various colors that can create various things according to your creativity. This is what makes the Minecraft game unique. You can explore as freely as possible with these blocks and make it into something you want.

One of the modes in this game is Survival Mode. In this mode you have to hit back until it shatters before it can be picked up. This destruction process takes a long time and the material you get from destroying the blocks you have to transport to your hiding place which is quite far away.

The attraction that Minecraft has is the dynamic time system. In the world of Minecraft you will find day as well as night. This time had an effect on his world as well. When the sun goes down, you will find a lot of monsters. Likewise with Minecraft PE, the developer doesn’t want to take away the enjoyment of playing Minecraft even though there are many cuts in it.

Not only is the world narrow, the process of making items in Mincraft Pocket Edition is simpler than the console and PC versions. You only touch certain items on your smartphone, and move to the storage column.

Conclusion: Old Game but Still Fun

Although this game has been released for a long time, this game is still fun to play. If you want to play the Mincraft PE game, you can buy it on the Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS. But if you want to get this game, you can spend around IDR 100,000.