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Microsoft Now Calls Xbox Series X|S Leading Console Sales for 2nd Consecutive Quarter

The console market has almost always been dominated by the PlayStation since its presence. Including the new PlayStation 5 console that has excelled since its release over the Xbox Series X|S.

But it seems that dominance is now turning around as Xbox is slowly increasing in popularity. And even now sales of the Xbox Series have managed to beat the PlayStation 5.

In his earnings report, Microsost CEO Satya Nadella said that their two consoles, namely the Xbox Series X and Series S, have now managed to have the largest portion of sales in two consecutive quarters.

“And we are the market leader for this quarter among next-gen consoles in the US, Canada, UK and Europe as well.” said Nadella.

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Although there is no more detailed explanation of how the statistical performance of the Xbox Series X|S is, the strategy implemented by Microsoft is indeed quite organized.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

The first is that Microsoft is trying hard to maintain the availability of its next-gen console. Despite the sales being not as luxurious at first as the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series console has never been rare.

With the distribution of the PlayStation 5 still not normal until now, many potential buyers have finally shifted their choice to the Xbox Series which is clearly available.