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Microsoft Brings Secret Surfing Game Into The Latest Edge Browser!

Microsoft Edge Game Surfing is now available in the Latest Microsoft Edge Browser!

Do you know dinosaur games that can be played offline (without internet) on the Google Chrome browser? Well, it seems that Microsoft has also brought a new rival for Chrome’s Dino Game. It is reported that Microsoft has just made the latest upgrade to its Edge browser by bringing something new, namely a unique and interesting secret surfing game that can be played when your internet connection is lost.

Via William Devereux’s official twitter account, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft Edge confirmed that the game is now available offline on Microsoft Edge and has received various developments from before where previously the game was released in November 2022 but only as an introduction to the new logo from Microsoft Edge and Now the game has turned into a permanent game for the browser.

For those of you who want to try the game, you can start by updating first on Microsoft Edge, then open the browser and type “edge://surf” in the URL address bar, then you will automatically be directed to the page of the game. surf the secret.

The game is also known to have gameplay that is quite similar to the classic game SkiFree contained in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3, which was launched in 1991. Well, if you are bored or feel ‘Gabut’ while surfing the Internet, you can play the Secret Surfing Game in the Latest Microsoft Edge without an Internet Connection.