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Metro Exodus Game Still Selling on Steam Store

The presence of Metro Exodus was controversial because Epic Games “locked” the AAA game and gamers could only buy it through the Epic Games Store. Moreover, games in the class of Metro Exodus, which gamers had been waiting for at that time.

Well, after being an exclusive game for a year on EGS, this time the game is also available on the Steam Store. The release of the Steam version is also accompanied by a pretty crazy discount. And it seems that although last year there were many who were disappointed and angry with Epic Games, the impact did not drag on until the Steam version was released. The proof is that this game is still selling well on the Steam Store.

Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors in his latest report said that Metro Exodus is still selling well on the Steam Store. He mentioned that this game has sold approximately 200,000 copies on the Steam Store.

But unfortunately they don’t want to share sales data between the Epic Games Store and the Steam Store so we can’t compare the results. So, have any of you bought this game on the Steam Store?