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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Coming Next Year?

Mass Effect Trylogy is franchise EA’s science fiction genre has indeed become one of the popular TPS games. Reportedly Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered entitled ‘Legendary Edition’ will be present next year.

Is this news true? Or is it just a rumor? To find out the truth, let’s discuss.

Is Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Really Released Next Year?

Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect Trilogy | EA

The news that is currently developing is still confusing. Actually this rumor has been around since last month. Until now EA as the owner franchise this did not comment anything, as well as Bioware which prefers to close itself.

This rumor has returned to heat due to a leak from an online retailer, and that information is no longer available at this time. Chances are it has been removed by the retailer’s owner. According to the information contained in the leaks from these retailers, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered will be released this year. However, referring to VentureBeast, said that the latest sequel to Mass Effect Trylogy, the release has been delayed and will be available early next year.

Reason for Delay

Mass Effect Trilogy 1
Mass Effect Trilogy | EA

There are many factors that caused Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered to be delayed regarding its release. In addition to the main factor due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first Mass Effect which is also included in the purchase of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is still not ready.

The quality of the first game remastered Mass Effect is not up to the standard like the two sequels. EA is afraid that if it is forced to release this year, fans will be very disappointed with the game. And will cause the big expectations that fans hoped for just disappear.

Another problem that becomes an obstacle in the development of the next Mass Effect is from the visuals and gameplay. Therefore, the development team is working hard to improve it so that the next game has the same quality as Mass Effect 2 and 3. The multiplayers feature will not be adapted by EA in Mass Effect 3.

In Mass Effect 3, EA will focus more on game gameplay that only displays one player and is complete with all the DLC that EA has prepared for this series.

So, what do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment, and keep visiting Dafunda Game.