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Mass Effect Andromeda: It's Not Good, Is It?

As the successor, Mass Effect Andromeda should provide a lot of hope for its fans even though it takes a different setting from its predecessor. In this series, you will no longer play the iconic protagonist, Commander Shepard. In this game, you will be invited back by EA and BioWare to circumnavigate outer space with advanced technologies. In the previous three series, BioWare and managed to present a sci-fi theme that is very exciting to follow. In addition, this game manages to bring the environment to life. You can determine the storyline from the choice of conversation. Likewise with other things such as romance, Mass Effect offers a variety of love stories.

Mass Effect Andromeda

In 2022, BioWare and EA re-released this franchise with an alternative story that was different from its predecessor under the name Mass Effect Andromeda. However, many gamers have criticized and scorned this game. Many Mass Effect fans are disappointed with this sequel series. The news is, at the start of this game, there were so many annoying bugs. Then, EA tried to fix the bugs. However, many gamers are already skeptical of this game made by EA because of what EA has made in the games it has released such as the first Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2. However, despite the many criticisms that have been thrown, is Mass Effect Andromeda worth leaving? Before skipping this game, you should follow this article first to the end.

Story Plot: Taking Time Between Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect Andromeda takes an alternative story from the first trilogy, which takes time in the middle between the second and third series where an alliance of humans and aliens decides to occupy a new area outside the Milky Way galaxy. Each race sends 20,000 people to the Andromeda galaxy as their new home. The journey takes up to 600 years. On the journey, each of the races is led by a Pathfinder. This time, you will act as a Pathfinder. There are two main protagonists that you choose, namely Scott or Sarah Ryder. The main protagonist in this game is an experienced soldier who continues the duties of his father named Alec Ryder who died while serving as a Pathfinder. However, the journey as a Pathfinder is not an easy thing, you will face many things that risk many lives. The civilizations that exist in the galaxy that will be inhabited are also very alien and have never been found before.

Mass Effect Andromeda

As a Pathfinder, you will face a new civilization full of conflicts that must and make these new places a comfortable place to live. You also have to face a race that is not happy with the arrival of residents from the Milky Way galaxy who migrated to Andromeda named Kett, led by Archon. It turns out that in this new galaxy they are visiting there is a technology called Remnant which, strangely enough, Ryder is the only person who can unlock this technology. That’s basically the Mass Effect Andromeda. How about the graphics and gameplay?

Mass Effect Andromeda

Lots of Bugs Everywhere

It seems that EA wants to uniform their big games by using the Frostbite 3 Engine which is also used for games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fifa 17 -20, Battlefield 1 and also Battlefield V. Implementation of games like Battlefield which takes an angle the main person’s point of view is very successful. Likewise in football games such as the Fifa series. However, this is not the case with Mass Effect Andromeda. At the beginning of its release, there were many complaints about the graphics of Andromeda. Many strange things that appear such as facial expressions and running movements are very strange. All the animations that are presented look very chaotic. Another thing that irritates us is that there is no skip animation when switching planets. However, over time, our annoyance has faded a bit because the story has started to be fun to follow. You are invited to roam the planet freely.

Conclusion If you’re not sure, don’t buy

Indeed, there are many presentation failures presented by Mass Effect Andromeda, especially in terms of animation. In terms of story, EA and BioWare are quite successful in providing a fairly solid storyline even though after playing for a dozen hours it feels boring. In addition, the open-world world presented in Mass Effect Andromeda feels very stale when compared to other open-world RPG games such as Horizon Zero Dawn. Is this game worth buying, actually quite worth it, for us, Andromeda, a game that carries the name Mass Effect, is not executed successfully. Sorry EA and BioWare, we are quite disappointed with this one game.