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Marvel Develops Hawkeye Spin-off Series, Echo

Marvel is reportedly currently in the early stages of series development Hawkeye spin-off, Echo.

It seems that this repetitive Hollywood trend has not been out of circulation for quite a long time. By trend we specifically mean studios developing series spin-off from a series or film that hasn’t actually aired yet.

Honestly, when I see this news, I’m still shaking my head. It really looks like the way a film studio works with a deposit model. But never mind, I’m just like you, just a connoisseur.


Echo | Disney Plus Informer

Anyway The work model was also carried out by Marvel Studios. This is proven through alerts ScreenRant who said that they are currently busy developing spin-off series Hawkeye, Echo.

Ethan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) and his wife, Emily Cohen will write the script as well as executive producer. Because it’s still in the development stage, this is only what I got from the Marvel series echo this.

Junebe many of us are immediately curious, “who is Echo?” Echo is the heroine. He debuted through Daredevil #9December 1999. Real name Junea Lopez, when she was young, Kingpin killed her father.

But ironically, the father actually made a will to raise Junea. Kingpin also honors the request and raises Junea. When raising him, it was discovered that in fact he was deaf or could not hear.

Representation of Deaf Audience

Ecjo and King Pin | Marvel Comics

However, Kingpin still makes it as assassins. He then interacts and even falls in love with Kingpin’s mortal enemy, Daredevil. Anyway, it’s crazy and very complex arc story this echo.

What is clear, he is indeed one of the figures Super hero Very cool representative. And because once again the project is still in early development, the actress who will play it has not been known yet.

But don’t deny that the project echo this will later provide a crazy influens and inspiration in our lives (especially those who are also deaf). And hopefully that will be the case later.

Now, what do you think about the news about the Marvel (MCU) project? echo this?